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Vol. 1 - ARP

Pekula Records Sep 28th 2018
21.2 EUR

Pekula Vol. 1 - ARP is the first in a series of commissioned pieces, set place in the famous Parkteatret concert venue in Oslo, Norway.

Erlend Mokkelbost - musician, producer and co-owner of Pekula Records - was asked to make 50 minutes worth of music to celebrate the clubs 15th anniversary. He immediately got the idea to change the format of how these concerts are usually created and presented.

Involving a group of very talented musicians - known from an array of bands and projects - he instead of branding the project based on their names - rather wanted the audience to be disconnected from these traditional expectations.

The music was created by Simen Følstad Nilsen, Axel Skalstad and Mokkelbost, and was put together in one creatively explosive week in a studio in Northern Italy. Based on a mix of improvisation and written pieces, it became an energetic slab of music, filled with energy, warped guitar sounds and complex rhythms, held together by a red thread of arpeggiated synthesizers.

When presented live - which this record documents - the musicians name were kept secret on stage, as they appeared behind two layers of bobinette curtains, as well as strobe lights and smoke.

The audience felt captivated by the event, as they knew nothing of what music they were about to hear or who was performing it.

Upon this release we disclose the performers, which were drummer Axel Skalstad, bass player Ellen Brekken, keyboardist and singer Marte Eberson, guitarist Simen Følstad Nilsen, keyboardist and percussionist Jonas Barsten and keyboardist and singer Gunhild Ramsay Kristoffersen - all well known names from the Norwegian pop, jazz, electronic and rock-scenes.

This recording is all from the live show, and is a visceral and inviting piece of music done within a context where both the musicians and the audience had a newfound feeling of freedom. This made it a special event now documented here.

In September 2018 Pekula Vol.2 - ONENESS is set to be performed and documented, with a new group of musicians and a new form of music taking place, as it will the coming years always introduce new constellations and visual ideas.

We are happy to show you its first edition, so enjoy!

«Vol. 1 - ARP» is out September 28th